“Hidden Blessings” by Kim Cash Tate


Kendra Woods has everything—her dream job as partner at an affluent law firm in D.C., a bright future, and an upcoming wedding to her prince charming. But when a bruise on her chest causes her to make a doctor appointment, leery after her late mother’s battle with cancer, Kendra learns that she has stage IV inflammatory breast cancer. And it’s terminal. Stepping away from her career to undergo chemotherapy, Kendra also loses her fiance who isn’t willing to plan a future with someone who might only live a few more years. Kendra’s world is completely destroyed. She returns to her hometown to work with a doctor she trusts, and to stay with her estranged brother in her absent father’s home. But there’s little peace at home where her brother parties, does drugs, and Kendra is reminded of how her father disappeared after her mom died, only after his affair pushed her mom over the edge.

Not knowing that Kendra returned home, Kendra’s father offers a room in his house to Lance Alexander, a youth minister, in hopes that he will have a positive influence on Kendra’s brother, Trey. Lance disrupts life at the house by becoming a servant to both Trey and Kendra, cooking, cleaning up after Trey’s parties, and sharing how the love of Jesus changed him from an ex-criminal into a youth pastor. As Kendra and Trey begin to heal from the past, Lance starts a Bible study, bringing in neighbors and familiar faces from the past. The more Lance takes care of Kendra, the more she realizes how much she cares about him, and Lance sees how much he wants to take care of her—for better or worse, so long as they both shall live.


Kim Cash Tate’s moving novel covers a lot of hard-hitting questions Christians struggle with today. Why is there pain and suffering if our God is good? Why would God allow us to go through difficult trials instead of healing us? As Kendra deals with the disease ravaging her body, she finds hope in something greater, in life beyond the flesh, and love greater than death. This poignant story follows well-developed characters who struggle with different flaws. Even Lance, the “saint” of a preacher struggles to let go of the past, and the friendships formed through the novel challenge common stereotypes.


While I admire the author’s willingness to grapple with multiple emotionally taxing storylines, some of the development was lost in the story. Each character has a lot of baggage, which is true to life, but some of them seemed to change a bit abruptly with little struggle. Kendra’s progression through the novel was believable, but some other more minor characters got short-changed in the telling of the story.


Hidden Blessings in a compelling novel that forced me to stop and think about the value of life—living each day to the fullest, but also, maintaining an awareness of the life beyond death. Definitely a worthwhile read!
You can get your copy of Hidden Blessings through Thomas Nelson or at your local library.

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