Switching Gears in the New Year

New Years brings such freshness to the days and a hope for change. It’s a chance to re-center, re-focus, and re-evaluate how time is spent, how habits impact productivity, and how to achieve overall well-being.

During my New Years Eve pondering, several priorities instantly settled in my mind, and one relates to you.

First and foremost, I determined that this year I would put the first fruit of my efforts into cultivating a deeper relationship with the Lord. Second, I would pour my free time (when I’m not caring for my precious little lady or fulfilling my duties as a homemaker) into my novel and subsequent publication of that novel. Third, I realized that I needed to revisit my blog.

I miss our conversations on classic literature and how they correspond with scriptural teaching. I miss reviewing books. I miss having the opportunity to share life with you. I miss writing.

But none of us have time to do everything, and certainly not enough time to do everything well.

With my focus on seeking the Lord with all my heart, soul, and strength, I was led to a solution that would unite my resolutions into one pursuit.

I’m participating in a discipleship group in which we follow the F260 Bible Reading Schedule. If you read a couple chapters of the Bible five days a week, this schedule carries you from Genesis to Revelation in one year (minus a few ancient laws in Leviticus and a handful of genealogies)!

This year, I will share my reflections with you, and hopefully we will be able to spark some conversation through these readings.

As for the classic literature devotions and book reviews, my hope is to still offer these as my reading schedule permits. (I’m currently reading Jude the Obscure, and I would love to chat with you about that in a devotional context!)

This is going to be a great year. Not because I’m going to do anything amazing or go to the gym six days a week or be the best wife/mom/friend/person in the world, but because the Lord is with us. He is good, and He is working in us through each and every day.

I would love to grow deeper with the Lord with you this year, friend. Will you join me?

Here’s the schedule for next week:

Monday 1/ 9: Genesis 1-2
Tuesday 1/10: Genesis 3-4
Wednesday 1/11: Genesis 6-7
Thursday 1/12: Genesis 8-9
Friday 1/13: Job 1-2

Note: This is one week behind the F260 schedule in order to allow me time to write and post  🙂

Happy Reading, Friends!


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