Genesis 6-7

Genesis 7:5


“And Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him.”

When the Lord gave Noah specific- and rather involved- instructions to build an ark, Noah obeyed. He didn’t question the Lord about His plan or his own role in the plan; he simply gave himself to the Lord in obedience.

How often do we submit to the Lord when He leads us to do something? It’s easy to say that Noah should have obeyed when we look back at the results. But in the moment, obedience may not have come so easily. Nevertheless, Noah followed through by faith with action. From his example, we are reminded that the Lord has a plan for His creation that is good, even when we can’t see the complete picture.

Lord, help me to put my faith wholly in You. Help me to be a woman of action , responding only and quickly to Your instruction. Thank you that I can trust in Your plan and rest in Your goodness.

Any surprises for you while reading this familiar Bible story? What stood out to you in these chapters? Please comment below!

This Week’s Reading Schedule:

1/9: Genesis 1-2

1/10: Genesis 3-4

1/11: Genesis 6-7

1/12: Genesis 8-9

1/13: Job 1-2


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