Job 38-39

Job 38:1


“Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind.”

The Lord was present in the midst of Job’s suffering. Even though he was overwhelmed by his circumstances and overcome with grief, Job was never alone.

Sometimes we focus too much on our situation rather than focusing on who the Lord is. He is sovereign over everything, beginning to end, top to bottom, yesterday, today, and forever. Even more amazing, He cares for us individually as His children. Whatever we go through in life is filtered by His love, and it is all for one purpose: to know Him and to live light of His love. If we could focus on that truth rather than our temporal and often petty issues, our perspectives-and even our attitude toward our circumstances-would change.

Thank You, Lord, for Your presence. Thank You that I can rely on You, that You care for me, and that You hear me. Sometimes I limit You in my simple understanding and focus on my own ability or helplessness rather than Your power and continued provision. Help me to trust You, and help me to recognize Your sovereignty.

This Week’s Reading Schedule

1/16: Job 38-39

1/17: Job 40-42

1/18: Genesis 11-12

1/19: Genesis 15

1/20: Genesis 16-17


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