Job 40-42

Job 41:9-11


“Behold, the hope of a man is false: he is laid low even at the sight of him. No one is so fierce that he dares to stir him up. Who then is he who can stand before me? Who has first given to me, that I should repay him Whatever is under the whole heaven is mine.”

After Job’s friends persuade him that he did something wrong to warrant God’s wrath, God retorts with a scathing reminder of His power. He uses an eloquent description of one of His most fearsome creations to assert authority over all aspects of His creation.

For those of us who grew up in the church or experienced faith in God early in life, it can be easy to diminish God’s power with familiarity. We get so used to saying how powerful God is without thinking about what that means. These chapters in Job give us a terrifying glimpse of the power and scope of God’s dominion. If one of His creations can make us cower in dread, how much more should we fear, respect, and humble ourselves before the Creator of everything?

Father, You are our majestic, magnanimous Creator. There is no limit to the scope of Your control or capabilities, and yet You have mercy on us. Let us worship You with due fear and respect, realizing that we haven’t begun to comprehend the magnitude of who You Are.

This Week’s Reading Schedule:

1/16: Job 38-39

1/17: Job 40-42

1/18: Genesis 11-12

1/19: Genesis 15

1/20: Genesis 16-17


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