Genesis 15

Genesis 15:5-6


“And he brought him outside and said, ‘look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.’ Then he said to him, ‘so shall your offspring be.’ And he believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness.”

When Abram expresses his concern about producing an heir, the Lord takes him aside to present a visualization of His promise. Most people would be frustrated with Abram for doubting, but not the Lord; He understands Abram’s reservations and  takes the time to encourage him. As a result, Abram’s faith grows.

The Lord understands human nature’s tendency to doubt and to be unable to see beyond our circumstances. We may believe in God and His power, but we may doubt that He will follow through on His promises for us. Our comfort is that when we lose faith, we can remember who God is from these verses- He is slow to anger and constant in love. When we do doubt, He will remind us of His constancy.

Lord, thank You for showing me who You are- Your patience and love for me. Thank You that I can trust You with my future.


This Week’s Reading Schedule:

1/16: Job 38-39

1/17: Job 40-42

1/18: Genesis 11-12

1/19: Genesis 15

1/20: Genesis 16-17


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